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Space-based Solar Farm to be Developed by Mitsubishi Electric Corp


space-solar_zKIwh_69According to a report on Bloomberg, Japan plans to build a space-based solar farm, capable of generating 1GW of green power. The project will be developed by Mitsubishi Electric Corp., a manufacturer of solar panels which will join an AUD $25 billion Japanese project to construct the gigantic solar farm in space within three decades.

The a 1-gigawatt solar farm will have four square kilometer array of solar panels stationed 36,000km above the surface of earth. One gigawatt of generation capacity could power about 294,000 average Tokyo homes.

A small demonstration satellite consisting of solar panels will be launched in 2015 by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), leaders of the project. A model of the SPS2000, a 10 megawatt demonstration solar-power satellite, has already been designed by the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS). The same company is also working on an experimental satellite plan for wireless power supply of several hundred kilowatts.

Again, all that remains to be demonstrated is the capacity of transferring the power to the ground in a safe way, like we discussed a while ago.

[Source: Energymatters]

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  1. It\’s a remarkable project of space based electricity generation. This is revoulation in PV science. But I am still wondering about the mode of transmission of the energy generated from space to earth.


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