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Hy-Alfa: First Three-Wheeler Powered by a Hydrogen-Fueled ICE


mahindra-hy-alfa_8djC8_69The India-based Mahindra & Mahindra has developed the world’s first hydrogen-powered three-wheeler called Hy-Alfa.

The car’s internal combustion engine is powered by hydrogen and is available on both cargo and 3-seater passenger versions. Hy-Alfa has a 396cc engine that is capable of generating 4.5KW of power at 3600rpm. The naturally aspirated engine comes with a hydrogen leak detection mechanism, an electronic ignition system and electronic fuel injection.

“The Hy-Alfa is the first vehicle of its kind in the world. It runs on nothing but compressed hydrogen gas and is incredibly engineered to run with absolutely zero emissions, which makes it a pleasure to drive on congested city roads. Hydrogen is, in fact, the technology and fuel of tomorrow and is the long term solution to pollution, energy security & CO2 emission related concerns.” said Dr. Mathew Abraham, General Manager (R&D), Mahindra & Mahindra R&D Centre.

So far, the officials have not declared the price for the Hy-Alfa vehicle. Let’s hope it will be not very high, in this way anyone to afford it and to beg a perfect solution for the people from poor countries and in the same time to help the environment. It may sound naive, but this is the way to go. Of all the inventions appearing, some of them will surely prevail to the wide market soon.

[Source: ZigWheels]

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