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The Story of Send: Google’s Own Way of Saying “Hi, I’m Green!”

image (c) Google

You probably found this while googling, so the search giant Google is no stranger to you. Well, they may be giant and all, but as far as I know they’re the greenest Internet service provider out there. That’s why Google decided today that it’s important to let people know what chain is actually involved when a user sends an e-mail on their Gmail platform and interleave a sense of greenness in that.

You start by clicking the “Send” button, and then you see the envelope (e-mail) going through buildings (even nearby Dracula, who knows), through wires and optical fibers and reaching their own dataceters where there’s a girl guy walking around on a two-wheeled foot-powered vehicle, and we find that the Google datacenters are all kept at 80 degrees Fahrenheit so there’s less energy used on air conditioning and people can come at work in shorts. Nice.

Then we find out that Google is actually buying energy from renewable resources when possible (I’m confused with that statement), and that their servers are custom-built, 93% efficient ones.

But let’s watch their own version of the story… a nice one, actually.

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