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Brothers Build Abu Dhabi’s First Viable Recycling Service


Apparently, the United Arab Emirates have a problem with recycling: even if you, as a simple citizen, were to have this initiative, it would almost seem an adventure. The only way to do it is by driving to remote collection points, which discourages the general population and lowers the recycling level below 10%. Conscious of this issue, WMS Metal Industries decided to address it by patenting a waste-separating device they created in 2011.

An orange, two-meter tall metal box or cylinder, the device is placed at the end of each garbage chute; it has a control panel and a head inside. Basically, all you have to do is push the right button on the panel, the head starts turning so that paper, plastic, glass and metal get selected from the rest of the trash while being funneled to each specific bin.

Mostafa Nassar, the business development manager of the company and his older brother, Mohamed Nassar, the managing partner of the company, didn’t just come up with this out of the goodness of their hearts. The other side is the business impact: the two brothers hope to see one such device next to every building. By collecting the recyclable waste and selling it out to processing firms, building owners could easily make a living, particularly if they have more than one building in their custody.

To prevent people from stealing material and messing with the process, panels have been installed on top of the waste trolleys. Also, landlords will be able to use a tracking system to follow up on how their tenants recycle their garbage. The device itself will adapt its shape to the buildings in question, while the number of waste categories on the electronic panel can be personalized as well.

Soon enough, the people of Abu Dhabi will be seeing the device in several buildings, while the fall will mark the launching time for the capital’s Central Market and the New York University in Abu Dhabi. So it’s the perfect idea: one that brings in money and changes the way people live!

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