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Student-Built Ultra-Efficient Car Does 1,980 MPG


The annual Mileage Marathon Challenge near Leicester, England gathered a group of students from several schools and universities this year. The surprising thing is they weren’t the ones cheering in the stands, as you may imagine – they were actually the ones driving the models they had designed in class!

With a hand from different design and engineering firms, the kids put in an effort to come up with a record-breaking car as far as mileage efficiency around the track was concerned. The minimum speed was no lower than 15 miles per hour, but two vehicles reached way over 1000 miles per gallon.

Kitty Foster, an 11-year-old girl, managed to surprise everyone by reaching  1,325 miles per gallon. Her car displayed a Cambridge Design Partnership oxygen concentrator, as well as a micro-diesel engine, but the most useful tool proved to be the GPS tracking system, that told her when to put the pedal to the metal, when to coast and other such maneuvers.

The best of them was the 14-year-old Sam Chapman-Hill topping in at 1,980 miles per gallon in an all-plastic and glass car. He can now brag at school about being the record-breaker of the year!

The competition, as well as providing immense fun for the families, was also a chance to make the public and youth aware of the green technology available for cars. It makes it all look like as simple as a kid’s game!

[via Physorg]

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