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World's First Commercial Solar-Powered EV Charging Station Unveiled by SunPods


California-based company SunPods Inc. has recently unveiled at the Cleantech Open event in San Jose this Thursday, world’s first factory-built, solar-powered electric-vehicle charging station. Dubbed “SP-300 Plug-N-Go,” this solar-powered EV charging station is able to charge two cars at the same time. The energy surplus can also be sold back to utility companies.

The 10-feet by 20-feet station (about the size of four Smart ForTwos parked side by side) weighs nearly 3,000 pounds and is equipped with more than 12 solar panels for each 2.4-kilowatt module. The company expects to to sell out a significant number of its revolutionary product to hopping-center owners, fleet operators and parking lots.

SunPods says this is the first complete solar charging system to hit the market and is planning to build about 5,000 SP-300s a year to eliminate the need for customers to gather the various components from separate suppliers. The device will cost about $14,000 and another $3,000 for the charger, being compatible with other producers’ chargers.

[Source: GreenCarAdvisor]

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