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3,000 MW of Wind Power to Be Built Near Los Angeles by Next Year


Wind power is the best there is right now in terms of reliability and ease of deployment, at least in some areas of the world. The Californian government, for example, has set an objective to have 33% of their energy coming from renewable resources by 2020.

Terra-Gen Power LLC has just announced that they will invest some $1.2 billion for building four wind farms northwest of L.A., to generate around 3,000 MW of electricity.

The project will also create 5,000 new jobs and the best part is that the Californians don’t have to wait until 2020: the opening is around the corner and will be launched as early as the middle of 2011 and will use turbines made locally, in the U.S., by a Danish company, thus reducing costs and carbon footprint.

Southern California Edison, of the state’s largest utilities that must meed the 33% goal, has already signed a contract to buy 1,500 megawatts, half of what’s going to be built.

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