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HighDro Power Produces Energy from High Buildings' Falling Waste


Tom Broadbent, an industrial design student at Leicester’s De Montfort University (DMU), has created a new device which produces renewable energy from falling waste.

Dubbed HighDro Power, the machine is able to harness huge amount of energy from waste water falling in the soil pipes of tall buildings and then convert it into green electricity.

The device’s working principle is very simple. “HighDro Power works by using the water discharged from appliances such as showers, toilets and sinks in high-rise apartments. The water goes down the pipe and hits four turbine blades that drive one generator. The whole thing was inspired by traditional waterwheels to ensure that any solids passing through had limited effects on whether they could function,” Tom explained.

The designer developed this device to help the G8 summit combat global warming by reducing the dependence on fossil fuels and reduce carbon dioxide emissions until 2050. He also said the electricity generated by the HighDro Power could be used in buildings to save about $1,410 o and the energy to be transferred back to the national grid, thus recovering the energy spent to rise the water to high altitudes.

[Source: Gizmag]

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