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Super-Efficient Vertical Wind Turbines for Home Use


wind-energyA Taiwanese company called Hi Energy Technology has brought onto market a new design of a vertical wind turbine that they intend to sell for home use.

Vertical wind turbines proved to be more efficient and advantageous in comparison with the horizontal ones as they are more cheaper, smaller in size making them easier to mount at ground level, portable and also safe for the birds. Hi Energy Technology provides their wind turbines with the main rotor shaft running vertically in 50 x 50 x 150 cm packing. The power ranges vary from 400W, to 1500W and 3000W.

Vertical wind turbines can work with winds blowing from every direction, without the need of direction change like horizontal wind turbines work. As well costs with maintenance are lower making the the best solution for home use.

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  1. vertical wind turbine’s are easy to make, Now show us a stackable actually simple ,cheap dynamo that can be placed in the central column that these rotational mechanical wind turbine’s are rotating around and we might actually get somewhere.

    stackable as in make many small units, and build the central column up as you wish, to add more power generation as time passes, kind of stacking 12v PC extractor fan’s and using their internal brush-less electric engines in reverse to make power at each segment at the best conversion that’s possible today… feed these into a bank of batery’s through a 12 V CD power cord running down the centre of the column to your remote battery bank outhouse/work shop/garage for instance 😉

  2. Cody WIlson, where do you come from, the depths of where? Many communities are investing as a cooperative, in wind turbine. It is a fantastic opportunity to generate and simultaneously create some wealth for many country towns. The excess energy can be fed back into the main grid and benefit many. I actually overlook, in the hills, a set of wind turbines. The actually look good in the skyline, particularly when behind them I can see para sailing. Yeah as an artist I would like to see an alternative color, rather than stock standard white, but, hey, other than the color I am a fan.

  3. ur wind turbine is a joke. you people couldn’t make energy from gas. this may be due to ur staff of idiots. maybe u should hire somone who can maybe turn a screw driver. the idiots u got used wat glue?me and my peers think that u need to just give it up allready. u rnt powering enough to run a single lightbulb. let me know wat u think of my letter before u go out of business.

  4. hi i like your vertical wind turbine please tell me i want install in small town lot of wind i want to donate this to my teacher please complete system with price i hope you will send me soon there school year is coming i want to install before that. From Ram


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