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Super-Thin Lithium-Ion Battery Brings Color and Style to Backup Energy Storage


ku-xlargeSmart phone these days is the gadget that everybody has and it is almost considered a crime if you don’t have one. But to have all these extras that are accommodated in it, there is a cost, and this is not always measured in money.

The biggest disadvantage of smart phones is the battery life. Making a few phone calls, checking your emails once every hour and listening to your favorite music for a bit, guarantees that you’ll be out of battery in less than a day. A new super thin back up battery device from Vorson, however, might just be what you need, and it will take up as much space in your bag as a bookmark.

Having the very descriptive name ‘Bookmark‘, the energy storage device is the thinnest ever lithium-ion battery, 4.7mm thick, shockproof and has a storage capacity of 2500mAh, meaning it can provide extra energy for just over 12 hours of constant video playing. It has a great conversion efficiency, which is more than 85%, and 500 rounds of charge cycle life.

The Bookmark comes in five different colors to mach any taste or preference. It is compatible with all versions of iPhone, and works with all types of USB charging cables. The battery is so light and slim that it can really be unnoticed when carried around.

All in all, maybe when compared to other backup batteries of this type, the device is not so special, but considering its cool look, light weight and sleek design, the price of $59.99 would guarantee that your phone will not run out of juice just as you give your new year’s wishes, and surely you will do it in style.

Image (c) Vorson

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