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Superbus: An All-Electric Vehicle Concept Unveiled by TU Delft


The Delft University of Technology has recently presented in Germany at the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) in Hannover, its latest “green” vehicle concept.

The vehicle that has been Dubbed Superbus, is as long as a normal bus and has the same height as a conventional SUV, being capable to carry about 23 passengers. According to the designers, the new electric bus is a “future vision of sustainable public transport.” It also features an aerodynamic design to create a sustainable, fast and comfortable mode of public transport.

The Superbus is made from lightweight carbon and it is powered by four electric motors that could propel it to a top speed of 155 mph. The creators want to combine a high-speed mode of transport with flexible and sustainable travel.

The “electric bus” had been tested at Lelystad in the Netherlands and was able to reach a speed of just 50 mph. The Dutch Government spent £7.5 million to build this giant electric vehicle and as the company said, the Superbus will first be used in the Netherlands.

[Source: Ecofriend / Telegraph]

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  1. It is no wonder that this machine will only do 50 mph. The wide open wheel wells are obvious, gigantic mistakes, so is the lack of a boat tail and doubtless, the lack of a smooth underbelly pan. Thus, the vehicle could be larger, faster, and go further, but no! Fashion rules in this realm of aerodynamic design!


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