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New Versions of Kia Cee'd To Be Equipped With Start/Stop Systems


startThe Kia Cee’d ISG model will be equipped with the Start/Stop system produced by Bosch, starting from next year. By introducing the Start/Stop technology, the normal consumption of fuel decreases and, implicitly, the vehicle’s carbon dioxide emissions level is reduced by up to 5%.

The engine’s command unit, also made by Bosch, includes a software that interprets all the necessary data supplied by sensors controlling the stopping and starting of the vehicle engine.

The Bosch Start/Stop system has been designed by making a certain collaboration between the car’s propulsion system and energy management system.

Bosch produces similar systems since 2007. Until the middle of 2008, over 500,000 vehicles have been equipped with start/stop mechanisms. Bosch estimates that in 2012, one of two new European cars will be equipped with it.

Bosch delivers these systems to a large number of vehicle producers who have already included them in their standard equipment.

Although it is a compromise between a normal hybrid car and an exclusively gas-powered car, start/stop systems are a cheap solution to reduce the vehicle’s consumption dramatically, without all the hassle of a battery in the trunk.

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