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Fossil Fuel Free Nation by 2050 – Sweden’s Legacy


Sweden nuclear powerThe Swedish government plans to invest £354 million of the 2016 budget to boost clean technology. The Scandivanian state plans to become fossil fuel free by 2050.

Sweden already has roughly 2,000 wind power stations that provided the 7.1 Thz of electric power in 2012, and the state is closing down its nuclear power plants, according to The Ecologist. The power plants are being closed, and though it is largely due to aging infrastructure, there are no immediate plans to repair and reopen them in the future.

There are indeed drawbacks to nuclear power, as seen many times in such instances as Fukushima, Chernobyl, Tokaimura, and Three Mile Island, to name a few. These disasters are very good examples of what can happen to people, the environment and lastly, the response by people and the government. In response to great political pressure, governments tend to cease nuclear power use.

Two-thirds of Sweden’s electricity was powered from low carbon and clean sources and the plans are to heavily invest in wind-energy, smart grids and clean transport. The funding will be predicated on the heavy taxing of petroleum and diesel fuels. The other portion will be received from the sales of local coal mines, and more.

“Children should grow up in a toxin free enviroment; the precautionary principle, the removal of dangerous substances and the idea that the polluter should pay are the basis of our politics,” said Stephan Löfven, the Democratic Prime Minister to the Swedish Parliament.

The 21st session of the United Nations Climate Change Conference will be held in Paris this year at the end of November. The talks may help to influence the attendees that are not yet integrating energy grids in their own countries.

The more we discuss the future and what we can do to enable our children to have a planet to live on, the more we can help one another. Sweden has taken the first step in the fight against the energy crisis in its own country, something that must now be done on a global scale.

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