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T10 Minicar: The Japanese Electric Car With One Door


t10_minicarIf you only think about electric cars’ prices, sweat buzzes you and you think about your next diesel-powered vehicle, because it’s way cheaper and its mileage is way better. Like I always say, the Japanese did it again!

A company called Takeoda Jidosha Kogei Ltd, from Toyama City, Japan, shows what could be the ultimate price-beating electric vehicle: a minicar called “T10”. They have a precedent with such small, city cars, represented by the “Milieu R”, but that only has one seat, and it’s not very comfortable not having the possibility to have another person near you. It’s  a kinda selfish car, don’t you think?

They unveiled their new two-seater at the first International Automotive Electronics Technology Expo, that took place from Jan. 28 to 30, 2009, at Tokyo Big Site. The T10 is able to reach a speed of 55km/h and an autonomy of 50km, driven by a 600W electric motor. The battery can be charged from any grid outlet.

The dimensions of the T-10 are 2,240 (L) x 1,180 (W) x 1,440mm (H), while those of the Milieu R are 2,150 (L) x 1,140 (W) x 1,350mm (H). Following the expansion of the total width, the luggage space to the left of the driver seat was increased, allowing space for a pet animal, according to the company. The body is structured by a ladder frame made of steel pipes, which is covered by the upper body made of FRP (fiber reinforced plastic). The T-10 has only one door on its right side. A strut type suspension is used for the front wheels, while a three-link rigid suspension is used for the rear wheels. It is also equipped with a rear wheel differential gear.

Millieu R costed about $9,520, it remains to be seen how much the T10 will cost.

Finally, there’s one thing I don’t like about this car: it has only one door! So they’ll have to rethink it before it’s released commercially, I guess.

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