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Tamura Improves Back-Reflecting Material for LED Lights and Solar Panels


Tamura Corp. has recently created a new type of white reflective material for LED lights and solar panels that unlike the conventional one is much improved, featuring around 10% higher internal reflectivity.

Normally, the parts of the visible spectrum are lost because they pass through. Thanks to this new material, both the infrared and visible light are reflected back better, thus helping solar panels to produce more energy and making LED lights brighter.

This kind of reflective material is composed of white liquid made from a mixture of pigments and resin. The company found how to decrease the relative amount of resin so that the liquid could contain relatively more light-reflecting white pigment. This way, the new material is able to reflect 90% of infrared and visible light, compared with the firm’s current product that can reflect between 80-85%.

Besides this, Tamura’s new product makes that the manufacturing process for solar panels to become much more easier. Due to its insulating properties, there’s no longer need for an insulator between the circuits and the reflective sheets for collecting the generated energy.

Because this material is a liquid, it can be applied using printing and spraying to the substrates of LED lights and glass substrates under the solar panels. Solar cells and LED lighting producers will receive the new material by the end of next month. Tamura also plans to begin mass production this April, hoping for great sales in 2013.

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