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Tata Motors Planning to Launch Two New Electric Vehicles in European Countries


Tata Motors is planning to release two new electric vehicles in select European countries by the end of March 2011. The EVs scheduled for launch include the Ace – a light-duty commercial mini-truck and the battery-powered variants of the Indica Vista hatchback.

The vehicles will first be launched in the United Kingdom as early as September and then in the Scandinavian nations (Sweden, Norway and Denmark). According to the company, both cars are at an advanced stage of development.

For the beginning, Tata Motors chose the UK as the initial debut country due to the substantial electric vehicle charging infrastructure which makes the cars more practical. Ravi Pisharody, Tata Motors’ commercial vehicles division president, said that the company doesn’t want to launch the EV in India because of the country’s absence of a supporting infrastructure.

While the Tata announced that battery-powered versions of its Indica and Ace will be coming soon, they haven’t said anything about the launch date of the electric Nano.

[Source: AutoBlogGreen]

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