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New Japanese Polarization Plate Decreases LCD Power Consumption by 30%


Future LCD displays will be some 30 percent more efficient thanks to a new polarization plate invented by Teijin DuPont Films, a Japanese company. The new panel improves the backlight brightness by 50 percent.

The new plate uses only the light that’s polarized in a certain way, letting the rest get reflected to the side of the backlight. When the rays will be reflected again on the optical component, they’ll be polarized properly so they also pass through the plate, thus increasing the screen’s brightness.

Teijin DuPont used multiple-layered polyester-based polymer to make the new plate, which has a thickness of 100 micrometers. The number of layers has not been disclosed.

The company also mentioned that the new plate will equip new LCDs starting 2015, and they expect some $131 million in sales that year. Moreover, producing them won’t be much more complicated than producing currently used polarization plates, since the existing production facilities will only need minor upgrades.

[via techon]

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