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Tesla 100D to Have the Longest Range of All Electric Cars


The soon to be released Tesla S 100D offers an impressive 335 miles on a single charge, which is about 20 miles more than its sister model, the S P100D.

The additional 20 miles of range gives the S 100D the title of longest range electric car ever, and will be welcome with anyone who needs to be able to drive long distances without charging.

The upgrade is not especially expensive either, when viewed next to the model that the S 100D would logically be replacing, the S 90D. To buy the S 100D, and its additional range, you will have to pay only 3000 dollars more than a S 90D. It seems like a small amount of money to get the longest range electric vehicle on the market.

When viewed in the pantheon of Tesla S models, the achievement of the S 100D becomes even more striking. The first S to be offered had a range of 208 miles if you opted for the 60 kW-h battery, and around 265 miles if you bought the 85 kW-h model.

Now, just a few years later, Tesla has shown that not only can it produce incredible electric automobiles, but they are dedicated to pushing the state-of-the-art even further.

For now it would seem as Tesla is an industry leader without much competition, and that seems to suit them just fine.

It will be interesting to see if there is ever going to be a real competitor for Tesla, and despite all of the bluster coming from the major automakers, there do not seem to be any forthcoming cars to challenge Tesla on the open road.

Tesla will just have to keep outdoing itself.

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