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Is Tesla Preparing an Electric Semi Truck?


Elon Musk has announced that Tesla is still working on the semi truck, as it will be this July’s focus; however, there may be more important issues that first need to be resolved.

On his Twitter account, Musk stated that its primary focus is on Model 3, which is a 35,000 dollars electric car. Yet, the semi truck project is still on!

The semi truck has come out of the idea of appealing to a larger audience. If the electric semi trucks can be placed largely in the cargo industry, then the costs of shipping can decrease globally.

Musk plans to make the ‘Tesla Semi’ a tool to decrease the transport cost and increase the safety. As the company keeps developing better self-driving technology, the issue of safety can largely be solved.

Although the project plan sounds to be complete, the new ideal way of shipping is far from that. According to Musk, the regulators will need to see a self-driving data of six billion miles to allow the technology on roads. Right now, the Tesla cars produce a 3 million miles data per day with the autopilot system.

Until then, Musk focuses more on the Model 3, as it will be another great way to appeal to the masses. The vehicle will be a very affordable electric car with the comfort and technology of Tesla.

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