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Tesla Founder Gives Implementers His Blessing to Make the Hyperloop a Reality


HyperloopElon Musk, the head of SpaceX and Tesla and co-founder of PayPal, is working with fundraisers to generate enough money to create the Hyperloop that he designed with members from Tesla and SpaceX.

Musk’s hyperloop, which he envisions revolutionizing travel, is a theoretical mode of high-speed transportation that would serve as an alternative to boats, aircraft, automobiles, and trains. The hyperloop would be an elevated, reduced-pressure tube that contains pressurized capsules driven within the tube by a number of linear electric motors.

The original design was released on August 12th. The hyperloop would extend from the Los Angeles area to the San Francisco Bay Area and would travel between the two cities in just 35 minutes, meaning the 354-mile journey between the two cities would be undertaken at an average speed just under 598 mph.

Just before he unveiled the design, Musk said he didn’t have time to pursue it himself at present and will allow others to adopt, improve, and possibly try to implement it…. assuming the money can be raised.

Former director of mission operations for SpaceX, Marco Villa, is one of two fundraisers, along with Dr. Patricia Galloway, former president of the American Society of Civil Engineers and current president of Pegasus Global Holdings Inc. Together they are hoping to raise enough money for the $6 billion endeavor. Dr. Galloway and Villa are currently raising funds on JumpStartFund, a start-up that went into public Beta on August 22 and took on the Hyperloop as its flagship project.

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  1. The Hyperloop looks to be an exciting option for fast distance travel, but similar to current public transportation options like California’s Silicon Valley light rail system or Caltrain commuter train system, it relies on the public to travel to and from specific destinations. If one were to use our BiModal Glideway system you’d be able to travel from door to door without relying on changing trains, busses or leaving your car in a lot during the day where it could be vandalized.


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