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Tesla Model E, Coming to Letter Soup Near You in 2017?

Tesla Model E Could Come By 2017
Tesla Model E Could Come By 2017

With the Tesla Motors’ success as a startup automaker, the most successful in the last hundred years, it’s no surprise that they’re pressing forward with development of a new model, possibly to be named Tesla Model E.

Automobile model naming convention varies from maker to to maker. Ford had a whole series of cars named after horses – Pinto, Mustang, Bronco, Torino, Maverick. Lexus’ naming convention is a little different, but requires a military codebook to decipher – LX470 is Luxury X-Over [crossover] with a 4.7ℓ engine and LS600hL is Luxury Sedan with equivalent-to-6.0ℓ Hybrid powertrain and Long wheelbase. Easy, right? Tesla Motors adds to the letter soup with the Tesla Model S, for Sedan, I’m guessing, is easy to tell apart from other Tesla Motors models, or at least it will be, when the Tesla Model X finally arrives in 2015.

There’s actually no official news regarding what a Tesla Model E might be, but it seems to fall within the general framework of Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk’s grand plan. Starting with the Tesla Roadster, which could be revived as the Tesla Model R, Tesla Motors eventually moved on to build, from the ground up, a couple of low-volume and high-priced vehicles, a good test of the waters. I think some of the clearer-thinking, but not as well-heeled, driving public is ready for an electric vehicle by Tesla Motors.

A recent trademark filing tells us that a new Tesla Motors model might be in the works, Tesla Model E could be the “sort-of affordable” electric vehicle that Musk promised for 2017. If we go back to naming, Model S being Sedan and Model X being the X-Over, would the upcoming [we hope] Tesla Model E stand for Economy or Entry-Level? Personally, I’d like an electric vehicle for Everyone.

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