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Tesla Model S Beta Version Unveiled at Fremont Factory Saturday Night


After troubling financial difficulties, Tesla Motors is ready to step onto the next level of their so far magnificent evolution. This weekend, as GigaOm’s Katie Fehrenbacher reports, the company has unveiled the beta version of their next Model S sedan, which is the closest to what the commercial version will look like.

The presence of some 3,000 participants has been estimated at the event which took place Saturday night at Tesla’s Fremont factory. Besides the treat offered by the company, people had the opportunity to actually visit the plant and buy promotional materials including t-shirts and roadster toys.

Of course, the first attendants to mention have been the current Roadster customers, who plugged in their EVs in the designated charging spots (well, I guess charging spots aren’t an issue in Tesla’s own backyard).

Tesla Model S will cost $57,400 for the 160-mile version (higher autonomy than Nissan Leaf’s) and some $10,000 more for the 300-mile version (high autonomy for an electric car nowadays, may even replace petrol vehicles altogether). The car will be made available to the public starting the mid of 2012.

This is a video filmed with a cellphone on the test track (as I was saying, in the factory’s backyard):

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