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Tesla Model S Drive Tests Faith of Kelley Blue Book Reviewer

Tesla Model S in the Shop, Getting a Tire Repair
Tesla Model S in the Shop, Getting a Tire Repair

With all the flak that Tesla Motors has been subjected to over the last couple weeks, it’s good to see more people taking on the Tesla Model S and testing it to its limits.

In the case of a recent test drive completed by Kelley Blue Book, the driver’s faith was being put to the test, especially after he had to make a major detour to get a flat tire fixed.

Watch the video:

Driving from Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the Tesla Model S, now hobbled by a flat tire and having to get to the next station on the last few electrons, proved to be somewhat hair-raising, but then, it wasn’t exactly the plan.

Does driving the Tesla Model S require an adjustment in thinking and driving habits? Certainly, and does the Tesla Model S represent the best electric vehicles can deliver? Certainly not!

Kelley Blue Book’s Micah Muzio did have a couple of hiccups on the way into the desert, and had to rely on non-Tesla, non-Supercharger, charging stations in order to get to his destination. * On Muzio’s way back, he got to “experience the Tesla Model S as it was intended. Right now is the first time in the entire time we’ve had the vehicle where we’re completely unencumbered by the issues of range or time… which means we can drive as fast and stupid and as toasty as we feel like.”

* note: As a former Master Technician, I’m really surprised that the Tesla Model S wasn’t put on a charger while it was having the tire repaired. Maybe Tesla will look into this for their service facilities.


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