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Tesla Model S Lemon Lawsuit, Sounds Like Nonsense to Me

Funny, Tesla Model S "Problem" Solved by a Little Tamper-Proof Tape
Funny, Tesla Model S “Problem” Solved by a Little Tamper-Proof Tape

Given the accolades that Tesla Motors and the flagship Tesla Model S have garnered, it might come as a shock that a lawyer has brought a lawsuit against the company.

The Tesla Model S, interestingly, was given the best score ever by Consumer Reports, which doesn’t just measure vehicle worthiness, but customer satisfaction. I can tell you, from an automotive service standpoint, you have to be just shy of godlike to score well on CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index). What this means is that Tesla Motors is doing it right, building a great car, and standing behind that car 100% of the way, which is where CR’s 99:100 scoring comes in.

Recently, and very surprisingly, a lawyer in Wisconsin, the self-proclaimed “Lemon Law King,” filed a suit against Tesla Motors. It is claimed that the world-class company ignored the plaintiff’s demands for a buy-back three times, because of alleged problems with the Tesla Model S that have not been successfully resolved. The first problem was with a fuse that was blowing every time the front hood was opened, and the other problem was with the retractable door handles, for which the client returned multiple times.

The problem with these Tesla Model S problems is that there are no problems, at least none that the professionals working on them could figure out. The fuse blowing problem was solved by putting tamper-proof tape over the fuse. Tamper-proof tape, you’re kidding me, right? Also, with reference to the retractable door handle problem, technicians were unable to determine any malfunction, yet replaced the door handles anyway.

Here’s the problem: Tesla, you’ve got a client who doesn’t want the car, for whatever reason, doesn’t want to sell it, and wants to pin his dissatisfaction on you, in spite of the fact there isn’t anything wrong with his Tesla Model S. The mysterious blowing fuse that was repaired with tamper-proof tape, and the non-existent retractable door problem, sounds like nonsense to me! And the lawyer, who recently filed a similar lemon lawsuit, against Volvo, for the same client, well, I know what he’s thinking, “Tesla Model S lemon lawsuit? I’m going to be famous!”

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