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Tesla Model S Gets New Smartphone App

Tesla Model S Smartphone App Communicates with Your Model S
Tesla Model S Smartphone App Communicates with Your Model S

The more we advance technologically, the more we get connected. Whether or not this has led to further human connectivity or isolation is best left to another blog, but at least we know that we can get in contact with our acquaintances half-a-world away. Whether it’s to look at the 1,000,000th Cute Kitten picture or to look for a charge-point for your electric vehicle, there are smartphone apps that have you covered.

Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt have apps that keep track of vehicle state of charge and range, as well as help drivers find a local charging station. Chevy Volt’s app even works with PayPal to pay for use of the charging station via smartphone. Other apps are available, such as Recargo and CarStations, to help find available charging stations and even pay for them, if they aren’t free already.

Tesla Motors Model S, inarguably the most high-tech EV on the market, has just released the Tesla Model S smartphone app in iPhone and Android versions, and it connects you to your vehicle in a whole new way. Besides monitoring battery sate of charge and recharging status, the Model S app does much more.

The Model S app can be used to turn on the heating or air conditioning before you get into the vehicle, depending on the weather. If you’re looking for your Model S in the parking lot, you can honk the horn and flash the lights remotely using your smartphone. Remember losing your keys? The Tesla Model S smartphone app can unlock your doors remotely.

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