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Tesla Model S vs Toyota Prius Interests, Datamining Shows Some Interesting Differences

If you're interested in Tesla Model S, chances are you are also interested in…
If you’re interested in Tesla Model S, chances are you are also interested in…

“Every step you take, every click you make, I’ll be watching you…” Well, not me, but datamining companies like Gravity can look at the interests of people and then classify them, such as the differing interests of people who have an affinity for the Tesla Model S and the Toyota Prius.

Granted, the Tesla Model S and the Toyota Prius are wildly different animals. Hybrid electric vehicle Toyota Prius just celebrated its Sweet-Sixteen party, accompanied by Toyota’s topping five million in global hybrid vehicle sales. Tesla Model S, an all-electric performance vehicle, is much younger, but a steadily-rising stock price reflects steady interest in the young upstart Tesla Motors.

Gravity.com keeps track of your interests online and, chances are, you’ve clicked on a site they track. “Every click you make…”, they’ll be watching you. Gravity then uses this data to determine what kind of things might interest you, affecting the advertisements and cross-links that you see on the webpages you frequent on a day-to-day basis. What you click on reflects what you might be interested in, and if Gravity serves up something you might be interested in, you might be more inclined to visit that link.

On the other hand, if you're interested in Toyota Prius, you might also be interested in…
On the other hand, if you’re interested in Toyota Prius, you might also be interested in…

All of your clicks go into a huge database. Click on Tesla Model S, and you get grouped with people who like Tesla Model S. Click on Toyota Prius, Marijuana Legalization, Yoga, Pilates, Jim Beam, or Economics, and you’ll get grouped in with people who, ostensibly, like these things. According to a recent blog post on Gravity, people interested in Toyota Prius and Tesla Model S are almost polar opposites when it comes to their interest profiles.

Of some 200,000 Tesla Model S and 900,000 Toyota Prius fans, that is, those who show an above-average interest in those vehicles it seems that Toyota Prius is more appealing to those who also have an interest in Apple Products, Sustainability, and Duck Hunting. On the other hand, Tesla Model S seems to be aligned with those who have an interest in the Financial Sector, Traffic Congestion, and New Jersey?

Is this the essential difference between to two factions? Now, keep in mind this is datamining and statistics. Statistics mean nothing to the individual, so if you are looking at a Tesla Model S and aren’t that into New Jersey, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. On the other hand, if you are into marijuana legalization and New Jersey, that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a Toyota Prius. What’s up with New Jersey, anyways?

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