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Tesla Motors’ Aggressive European Campaign

On of the few Tesla Motors' vehicles in the UK.
On of the few Tesla Motors’ vehicles in the UK.

Tesla Motors has already proven to be a popular vehicle, both in the US and abroad, but Tesla is planning on even more aggressive measures to boost sales of the flagship Tesla Model S.

For example, Tesla Motors has been selling well in Germany and Norway, where it has been the best-selling vehicle, of any kind. Tesla Supercharger installations are on the rise, and most of Europe should be covered by the end of 2014. On the other hand, sales of the Tesla Model S outside of Norway and Germany, have been somewhat lackluster. That could soon change with the planned opening of an additional 30 Tesla Stores being planned across the region.

While most of the world drives on the right-side of the road, this has left some of the world’s elite out of a possible Tesla Model S purchase, simply because the car is currently produced only in left-hand drive. Aiming at well-heeled buyers in the UK, Tesla Motors is even planning on producing a right-hand drive Tesla Model S, along with a number of Tesla Superchargers to keep them going once away from the home charger.

Of course, the UK and EU aren’t the only places that Tesla Motors is focusing its sales and expansion efforts. Perhaps the fastest-growing car market in the world, China, deserves the most attention. Chinese nouveau-riche love their luxury cars, and the Tesla Model S, in spite of being billed as a performance car, is totally a luxury car. Actually, I am surprised not to hear about Tesla Motors moving into Africa, where economic expansion is also opening up the market for luxury cars. How soon will Tesla Model S be selling in South Africa, however, is anyone’s guess.

Photo credit: harry_nl Foter CC BY-NC-SA

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