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Tesla Motors Celebrates Opening of 100th Tesla Supercharger

Hamilton, New Jersey - Over 100 People Gathered at the Opening of the 100th Tesla Supercharger
Hamilton, New Jersey – Over 100 People Gathered at the Opening of the 100th Tesla Supercharger

I’ll admit that, when I first read this Tesla Motors headline, I thought, “Wow, 100 Tesla Superchargers in North America!” Well, we’re not quite there, yet.

However, in spite of Tesla Motors being an American company, it has its sights set globally, so that’s 100 Tesla Superchargers now open in the whole world. This opens up whole new possibilities in electric vehicle viability, even for long trips, if you own a Tesla Model S, that is. Offering the convenience of a single plug and the elimination of subscription or cash charging structure, Tesla Model S owners can regain as much as 180 miles of range in just twenty minutes.

Considering that the Tesla Model S 85 kWh has a range of up to 300 miles, access to a network of Tesla Superchargers removes practically all limitations from the electric vehicle driving experience. True, the average fill-up on a conventional vehicle may take ten minutes or less, but it also costs a lot, given that the average price of fuel across the US is between $3.373/gal and $4.370/gal. The twenty-minute “fill-up” on the Tesla Model S, however, is wallet-free and, in many solar-powered locations, emissions-free, as well.

Tesla Motors announced the opening of its 100th Tesla Supercharger, worldwide, right in the middle of a Tesla Motors direct-sales dispute, in Hamilton, New Jersey. As of now, there are 86 Tesla Superchargers in North America, another fourteen in Europe, and two more in China, but Tesla Motors isn’t stopping there. The plan is to eventually have no more than 100 miles between Tesla Superchargers, so that Tesla Model S drivers will never even have to consider a conventional vehicle rental or loaner for lack of range and charging options. Up till now, Tesla Motors estimates that about 571,000 gallons of gasoline have been offset by their charging stations, more than 14,250,000 miles of range recharged.

Image © Tesla Motors

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