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Tesla Motors’ Financial Report for 2012 Revealed Today

Tesla Motors Store in Washington, DC
Tesla Motors Store in Washington, DC

Tesla Motors’ Financial Report will be revealed today when the market closes. Investors and other interested parties will get an idea of what it’s really like to be their stockholder.

Entrepreneurs rarely enter the automotive field, because it requires a huge capital investment before seeing any profits. Some have tried, like CODA Automotive, to make only half a car, and import the other half. This hasn’t worked all that well for CODA. Tesla Motors, on the other hand, also started with half a car, but the imported Lotus Elise body was much more fun and attractive than the outdated Corolla body that CODA is using.

After kicking off with the popular Tesla Roadster, Tesla Motors has since designed and produced a purpose-built electric vehicle, the Tesla Model S. For the past year, though, Tesla Motors has been preparing for full production at 400 cars per week, but only just this January was able to reach that goal, which means that a lot of capital went into preparation without a whole lot of sales to recover it. Today at the end of trading, we’re looking forward to see the 2012 financial report released.

True, Tesla Motors did report a couple of profitable weeks, but overall, we’re expecting to see a lot of red for 2012’s financial report. Don’t let this get you down, though, Tesla has been paying its bills on time. Now that production’s been in full swing for over a month, more Tesla Model S owners are cashing in on their reservations, meaning the Tesla Motors financial report for the first quarter of 2013 ought to look a lot more positive!

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