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Fox News’ O’Reilly Surprisingly Concludes: Tesla Motors, Good for America

Tesla Motors isn't the Enemy, Eric Bolling
Tesla Motors isn’t the Enemy, Eric Bolling

Fox News and Tesla Motors, or at least electric vehicles, seems to be a continual grudge match, and this story is a breath of fresh air.

Newsman Bill O’Reilly said that Tesla Motors would help America, and that we really ought to get behind this American “success story.” Tesla Motors and electric vehicles in general would seriously cut down on American emissions and her dependency on imported petroleum. Tesla Motors, of course, makes the Tesla Model S, which has been named “Car of the Year,” shines in NHTSA crash tests, and even took the best score that Consumer Reports has ever given to an automobile. O-Reilly’s guest, Eric Bolling, however, seems to have his head in a completely different cloud. Well, might as well see it for yourself…

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Yes, Mr. Bolling, Tesla Motors borrowed “$500,000” from the DOE (Department of Energy), but you seem to forget that they paid it back in 1/10th the allotted time. Mr. Bolling also picks on the fact that buyers still get up $7,500 in tax rebates for every new electric vehicle they purchase. Hey, if it’s fair that the Fed subsidizes petroleum and fossil fuels, then isn’t it fair to subsidize electric vehicles?

Yes, the Tesla Model S uses electricity, but how many power plants run on coal in the US? Mr. Bolling must be using math from from Washington, DC, or West Virginia, whose power grids are dominated by coal. According to my calculations, electric vehicles in at least 2/3 of the Nation are cleaner than their conventional counterparts.

O’Reilly has his head in a good spot, too bad other people can’t get on board. Yes, the little money out of pocket is there, but it’s going to save us billions in the long run.

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