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Tesla Motors Partnering with Sixt Leasing and Stadtwerke Utilities in Germany

Tesla Motors Even Easier to Own in Germany
Tesla Motors Even Easier to Own in Germany

Tesla Motors is one of the companies that, I would say, has done the most to promote the adoption of electric vehicles, mostly by making them easier to own.

The awareness and adoption of electric vehicles has a lot to do with how they are marketed, and how easy they are to own. For some of the first mass-market electric vehicles, a fifteen-hour charge time would make them practically useless. Thanks to battery technology advancements and charger improvements, most electric vehicles can be charged in under eight hours on a typical household line, with enough range to make them useful. Tesla Motors changed all of that, with segment-leading range and charging capability.

Of course, access to the Tesla Supercharger, a growing network of Tesla Model S fast-charging stations in the US and EU, is only one part of the electric vehicle puzzle. In fact, all of Germany is expected to be covered by the Tesla Supercharger network by the end of 2014.

On the other hand, financial options and incentives make them even easier to own, at least for the wallet. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk recently announced a partnership with Sixt Leasing, a car company with global proportions. Through Sixt Leasing, buyers can make a 10% down payment, about 7,000€ (≈$9,460), on a Tesla Model S, followed up by monthly payments of 500€ (≈$675).

How about charging your Tesla Model S at home? In another interesting partnership, Tesla Motors will work with Stadtwerke, the municipal power company in Germany. If Tesla Motors lessees can demonstrate they are using renewable power to charge their Tesla Model S, they’ll get a bonus on their utility bills each month. Considering that renewable energy in Germany is at an all-time high, including solar– and wind-power, I can imagine that many German Tesla Model S lessees might qualify for the bonus.

Best range, fastest charging, most-convenient charging, tax incentives, leasing options, and bonuses, as well as encouraging the use of renewable energy… Tesla Motors responds with “all of the above.”

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