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Tesla Motors Says There Will be No Tesla Model E

No Tesla Model E? Well, at least there are plenty of other letters in the alphabet.
No Tesla Model E? Well, at least there are plenty of other letters in the alphabet.

Rumor mills being what they are, it might come as no surprise that Tesla Motors might not actually use the Tesla Model E name.

Rumor had it that the mass-market Tesla Motors electric vehicle, which was supposed to come to fruition around 2017, would have been called “Tesla Model E.” Model “E” had some thinking “economy,” or “electric,” which some say doesn’t resonate well with the Tesla Motors brand. I don’t know, I think Tesla Model E make perfect sense, because I was thinking that Tesla Model E was for “everyone.” Considering that the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X are decidedly upscale vehicles, besides being well-appointed performance vehicles, they are also wildly expensive enough to keep them out of the average garage, even if you wanted an electric vehicle in yours.

Tesla Model E, however, will not be, in spite of Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk even referring to it by name in one of his town-hall-style Tesla Motors meetings. When Tesla Motors applied for the “Model E” trademark, Ford Motor Company (FMC) got all riled up, in spite of the fact that FMC never produced any Ford Model E vehicles. Strangely, FMC never said anything about their ancient Ford Model X and Ford Model Y vehicles.

That Tesla Motors applied for the Model E trademark certainly seemed to indicate a future Tesla Model E electric vehicle, but a recent check of their trademarks, “Model E” is strangely absent. Oh well, so there won’t be a Tesla Model E. Now, the question remains, “Once the Tesla Gigafactory is up and running, what will Tesla Motors call their new mass-market electric vehicle?

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