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$52.92: Tesla Motors Stock Peaked on April 23rd


Tesla Motors Stock [TSLA] Peaked Again Just Shy of $53
Tesla Motors Stock [TSLA] Peak at $53
Nearly three years ago, Tesla Motors stock opened at $19.40/share, but during the past year, stock prices jumped more than 50%.

Now, we all realize that stock prices are highly dependent on the psychology of investors. When the mood is sour, like after a scathing New York Times review, stock prices dropped by 8%.

When Elon Musk made a tweet suggesting good news for 2013’s first quarterly earning report, TSLA stock spiked over $44. He might get in trouble for that if the SEC sees this as insider trading, since Mr. Musk owns some 27.5% of Tesla Motors stock.

This week is another milestone for TSLA stock, spiking over $50 to a record $52.92 at the close of business April 23rd. Stock prices then dipped again to $49 before recovering over $50. Tesla Motors is one of the few startup businesses to actually be successful and bring a stunning product to market. Production is at full capacity, first quarter 2013 was profitable, and Tesla Motors plans on paying back the Department of Energy in just five years.

Update 11:41: Elon Musk just tweeted 53 minutes ago that tomorrow he’ll announce more good news for Tesla customers – a new strategy.

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