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Tesla Motors Update on the Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X Set for Spring 2015 Production
Tesla Model X Set for Spring 2015 Production

The progress of Tesla Motors in the automobile market cannot be described as anything less than astounding, but model releases might seem to be slow in coming, such as the upcoming Tesla Model X.

The business model is sure, and it seems to be working for the company, Tesla Motors being perhaps the most successful automaker startup in the last half-century. Right now, TSLA stock is going for $232 per share, and the company is worth just shy of $29 billion. Starting first with a couple of high-profit low-volume models, the Tesla Roadster and Tesla Model S, Tesla Motors has been building up its capital to go into production of a mass-market model, which we now know will not be called “Tesla Model E.” Still, there’s one more low-volume high-profit vehicle in the queue, the Tesla Model X.

News surrounding the Tesla Model X has been somewhat scanty, a concept vehicle here, a delay notice there, but it seems that Tesla Motors is finally ramping up to begin production of this highly anticipated vehicle. In a note sent to Tesla Model X reservation-holders, the company announced that new prototypes would begin production Fall 2014, with consumer production is set to begin Spring 2015. This means that deliveries won’t begin until at least Summer 2015.

All this extra time is merely insurance that Tesla Model X owners, when they finally receive their vehicles, will not be disappointed. The crossover SUV comes with stunning design and aerodynamics, standard all-wheel drive and Tesla Supercharger capability. Optionally-available will be a third-row of seats, expanding passenger count to seven, and both second- and third-row seats will fold flat for extra cargo space. “Thank you for your confidence in Tesla,” finishes the reservation-holder note.

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  1. Very likely that the X will be an even greater success than the S, I guess it will all come down to pricing.
    It has even more appeal, I can easily see most Model S owners upgrading to the X, opening up a market of used S.


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