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Tesla and Panasonic to Make Solar Cells in New York


Tesla and Panasonic just agreed to manufacture solar cells in Buffalo, New York.

This year electric cars, solar energy and energy storage were continuously in the spotlight. Prices dropped significantly, new and improved technologies emerged, and more and more companies decided to get involved.

The competition among the inventors and manufacturers is more severe than ever before, which resulted in numerous choices for us, the consumers.

Of course, it is almost impossible to forget the name ‘Tesla’, when we talk about any of the above. Undoubtedly, Tesla Motors is the unbeatable giant in electric cars manufacturing and design, but Musk and co would never stop there.

Last year, Tesla teamed up with Panasonic, to make the revolutionary home energy storage system- The Powerwall. Needless to say, it blew the minds of all skeptics, and rightfully so. Following the great success of this product, Tesla quickly decided to take a piece of yet another very delicious renewable energy cake- that of solar power.

Musk bought SolarCity, a solar panel manufacturing company, and is ready to bring solar panels to a whole new level. Just over a month ago, Musk announced the new plans to make solar roofs. The plan is to simply turn our houses (or OK at this stage the roofs of our houses) into a power generating machines.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before this next announcement came through.

On Tuesday, Tesla and Panasonic revealed their plans to start making photovoltaic cells and modules in Buffalo, New York. But when such giants announce plans, they always mean business. The new factory is already under development by no other but SolarCity Corporation.

Production of solar panels in Buffalo will begin in mid-2017, and it is foreseen to generate about 1,400 new jobs. The capital costs for manufacturing will be covered by Panasonic, while Tesla has signed a long-term commitment for purchase. In addition, Panasonic is to take part in new technology developments.

Interestingly, the panels that will be made in Buffalo, will not be used for solar roofs (at least not for now). There is probably a good reason for this, but we can only speculate here.

The announcement did not reveal any financial figures and numbers.

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