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Tesla Motors Needs Your Help With Whitehouse.gov Petition


tesla-motors-shopAs many of you already know, Tesla Motors is the subject of a concerted action from the car dealer associations throughout the U.S., who want to stop the all-US and all-electric car company sell the greatest car of all times, the Model S, in their own shops, instead of putting it in the same pothole with all gas-guzzling counterparts.

Tesla needs your help. Here’s their most recent message to their supporters:

As you may know, Tesla is under attack from a number of car dealer associations in various states who are challenging Tesla’s right to directly serve our customers at Tesla Stores and Service Centers.

Their efforts are protectionist in nature and infringe on the right of the consumer to choose how they purchase and service their vehicle.

An anonymous Tesla enthusiast created a White House petition to allow direct sales of cars to consumers in all states. We want to thank the tens of thousands of fans who have voiced their support and have already signed the petition.

We want this petition to succeed. For that to happen, the petition needs 15,000 more signatures by Friday, July 5, 2013.

Please act now and take a moment to register, sign and forward the petition today!

As you can see, 15,000 is an outdated number by now – if you act now, that number will drop even lower, and democracy will have a chance to prevail.

Update: the petition reached (and surpassed) its goal. We’re glad to have helped.

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