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Tesla Supercharger Network Expanding Across Europe

Tesla Superchargers Just Getting Started in Europe
Tesla Superchargers Just Getting Started in Europe

Which came first, Tesla Model S or the Tesla Supercharger? Well, obviously the Tesla Model S came first, and most popularly so!

In Norway, for example, the Tesla Model S is actually the country’s best-selling vehicle, not green vehicle or electric vehicle, but any vehicle. Given that the Tesla Model S has such great range, up to 300 miles for the 85 kWh versions, arguably the most popular, drivers don’t have to worry all that much charging at home, or at work, and being able to get around.

Longer trips, however, those outside the home-to-work range, definitely need access to a faster charging option. At home or at work, on a 250V line, charging can take up to four hours. On the road, four hours would be a long time to wait for a change, especially if you’re just making a pit stop. The Tesla Supercharger is the answer to that question.

The Tesla Supercharger network in the United States came online in September, 2012. Now, some sixteen months later, there are 80 Tesla Supercharger stations online, 14 of them in Europe. In the next three months, 50% of Germany will live within range of a Supercharger. Tesla Motors expects to have 100% of Germany covered by the end of the year. Superchargers are also located in Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands.

The Tesla Supercharger network has powered more than 6.8 million miles of pure electric driving in the Tesla Model S. This translates to approximately 298,500 gallons of gasoline saved and approximately 2,900 tons of carbon dioxide. Considering that the Tesla Model S is such a great ride, I don’t think anyone misses spending that much on gasoline just to put it in the wind.

Image © Tesla Motors

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