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Texas Supports Electric Vehicles, Except for Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors in Texas, One of the Few
Tesla Motors in Texas, One of the Few

New legislation has passed in Texas to provide incentives for those considering electric vehicle technology, such as that found in Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf. Sorry Tesla Motors fans in Texas, you’re out of luck!

It should be noted that Texas, behind California, has the second-greatest number of electric vehicle charging stations, just over five hundred. Recent legislation was passed that would give up to $2,500 in rebates to buyers of new electric vehicles, which would raise the possibly total tax incentive for an electric vehicle purchase in Texas up to $10,000. Sounds like a pretty good deal, but those interested in buying something from Tesla Motors, specifically, are left out, but how?

Consumers in the Lone Star State are thrilled with Tesla Motors, who make what could be the best electric vehicles available, but have had some difficulty obtaining their own Tesla Model S, thanks to laws protecting the automobile dealers from the automobile manufacturers. Texas has what are, most likely, the strictest automobile dealership laws in the United States. The automobile dealer associations [ADA] in many states have gone to court to keep Tesla Motors from selling direct to the consumer, in spite of the fact that it wouldn’t impact them directly.

One might think that a new Texas tax incentive for electric vehicles might be encouraging but, apparently they also have some of the most powerful ADAs, judging from the recent electric vehicle tax incentives. Yes, you can get up to $2,500 in tax rebates from the State of Texas, but only if you buy your electric vehicle through an established automobile dealer. Tesla Motors, who does not, and will not, sell via dealerships, since it is a conflict of interest, is left out of the incentive program. Buying one out of state doesn’t count, either.

Given Tesla Motors‘ various successes against the ADAs of other states, I think it won’t be long before we see this brought to the federal level for resolution.

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