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The Tesla Model S has Many Suppliers – Infographic


The Tesla Model S is one of the most advanced vehicles on the road today, thanks to its completely in-house battery and electric motor technology, but isn’t a product solely of Tesla Motors.

Tesla Motors may be accused of reinventing the automotive industry, what with an industry-leading electric vehicle, its exclusive Tesla Stores, and an expanding Tesla Supercharger Network. These may all be true, but Tesla Motors hasn’t gone so far as to reinvent the wheel when it designed and built the Tesla Model S. True, the battery pack, electric motors and control system are completely Tesla Motors proprietary technology, completely developed in-house, but the rest, according to this great infographic from SupplierBusiness, comes from all over.

SupplierBusiness Infographic - Where Does the Tesla Model S Come From?
SupplierBusiness Infographic – Where Does the Tesla Model S Come From?

Brembo is probably the leading name in automotive braking systems and is based in Italy. The high quality disc brake rotors and calipers for the Tesla Model S are manufactured and supplied by Brembo. Magna is an auto-parts manufacturer out of Canada, and supplies the grille surround, interior rear view mirror and headliner. Take a look at some of the other names and you’ll see that most of them are top-level suppliers in the automotive industry, supplying directly to many other manufacturers. If it takes a town to raise a child, it takes the world to build a Tesla Model S.

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