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BBC Show To Broadcast 4,000-mile Europe Tour in a Think Electric Car


Media has influenced people’s minds since its birth. That’s why BBC, one of the largest media trusts worldwide, is trying to resuscitate the idea using an electric car in the minds of those who thought they could only fuel with gasoline. The documentary will be called “BBC Electric Ride”, and will be broadcast on Radio 4 starting June 19.

The 4,000 mile trip will start from London and will go through Denmark via Harwich, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and return to London in early July.

Richard Canny, Think’s CEO said he wanted the trip to “prove that an EV can be just as versatile as a conventional car, but at the same time much more cost effective, efficient and friendly to the environment”.

Ken Dawson, the show’s senior producer, says: “By embarking on an ambitious journey like this one, we will be able to share with our listeners the picture across Western Europe. We’ll be investigating the technology, infrastructure and political will behind the growth of EV culture.”

It would have been a good idea if the producer also included live video shoots in the documentary, since the majority of viewers are easier to impress that way. Top Gear, for example, would have a much wider audience and would set the minds of many onto electric cars… if they would discuss them properly.

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