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Th!nk Ox – Green Car From The Box



1. It’s small.
2. It has four doors.
3. It’s light (350kg).
4. It’s smart.
5. It’s Fast.
6. It’s ELECTRIC!!!

This is the new Th!nk electric car (some write it “Think electric car”). I prefer any of the two. GE has invested $4 million dollars in its conception as a car, and $20 million in conceiving new Lithium-Ion batteries to power the new Think thing, through a company called A123Systems.

They will unveil the new Think at the Geneva Auto Show. The new car will probably have a two-doors version (coupe), and a also a taxi version.

The Ox will have a range of about 125 miles (or 200 kilometers). GE plans to equip Th!nk with a small ICE engine for the hybrid version (like they’ll do with Chevy Volt). The engine would charge the batteries, not act a direct role in the car’s motion. That will allow the small Th!nk to go 280 miles without having to be recharged.

Also, GE thought it would be nice to put a solar battery on its rooftop, so cooling can be obtained from the energy captured from the sun. They’ll also equip it with a GPS module.

Th!nk’s top speed will reach 85mph (136 km/h), with the 0-60mph done in 8 seconds. Pretty good.

Anyway, maybe you won’t think of Th!nk as of a high performance vehicle, it’s merely a city car, where you don’t need speed, nor great power. So its performances are enough for a commuter, your wife, or yourself. You can ride it anywhere, as long as you keep an eye on the battery…

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