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"Turbo-Charged" Bacteria Transforms Cardboard And Tea Bags Into Biofuel


The Guildford, UK-based TMO Renewables has recently developed a new type of biofuel, appointed as a “second generation”, that according to the company will be used as an alternative fuel for transport in the next years, after signing a deal with US firm Fiberight.

TMO Renewables has created a strain of “turbo-charged” bacteria that is able to transform cardboard, tea bags and other waste into clean fuel. After the $500 million collaboration between the two companies, more than 15 plants using the process will be built during the following years, generating fuel on a commercial scale.

On the other hand, the development could increase food prices because it will also reduce the need for growing plants for other biofuels and minimize the amount of household waste heading to landfill.

“We can finally roll out a technology that will truly break the mould of fuel generation,” said Hamish Curran, chief executive of TMO Renewables.  The US company also mentioned that the addition of bacteria will boost the speed that waste can be converted into bioethanol by up to 35 per cent.

[Source: Energy Saving Trust]

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