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Electric Cars Europe (ECE) Officialy Launches The e-C1 Electric Car


e-C1 is the name of the new electric car created by Electric Cars Europe (ECE), being practically a Citroen C1 converted to run on electricity. The E-C1 or “easy one” promises great performance, having an all-electric range of about 120km and a top speed of 115kph.

According to the company, this electric vehicle that has zero CO2 emissions or pollution from particulates can be recharged from a conventional wall socket in less than 7 hours. Besides this, the city of Amsterdam has spent almost $10,000 to purchase some units and may even allocate free parking spaces in the city center.

The e-C1 has numerous tax advantages: 0% aggregation, no BPM and no road tax. The car will come with a two year battery warranty at a cost of €19,995. Presently over sixty ECE electric cars are produced in the Netherlands and 150 electric cars around.

[Source: Ecofriend / Auto Zine]

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