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SIM-LEI Electric Vehicle Based on In-Wheel Electric Motor Technology


If you’ve been hesitant about an electric car so far and only put forth its disadvantages not to buy one, now you don’t have any left: the SIM-LEI is everything you hoped for and more – so start going green!

The Japanese consortium SIM-Drive Corporation has made public its new electric car which bases itself on the so-called “in wheel” electric motor technology.

The reasons this car is so great are many, so let the counting begin: (1) i’s very smart. Where does the name come from? Well – from the in-line electric wheels.

The innovation: instead of placing the motor under the hood where it has always been, the SIM-LEI has not one, but as much as four smaller electric motors behind each tire. These motors action each wheel directly, which increases its efficiency.

(2) The new technology on this car is revolutionary: outer-rotors instead of inner rotors and inner stators instead of outer stators (3), which allow it to go from 0 to 62 mph in 4.8 seconds. And also, the usual batteries and inverters have been switched under the floorboards, making way for more leg room.

(4) Moreover, since you can add sensors to the motors for a better grasp of the conditions, the responsiveness is clearly improved. (5) In case you were wondering, the SIM-LEI can go 333 km (207 miles) without stopping for a charge.

So, there you have it: 5 big reasons why this electric car is a success and should be considered as an investment. Its engineers seem to have thought about everything, so start raising the money for 2013, when it will come out on the market!

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  1. I could care less what it looks like. If the price is under 15k and the build quality is up to par, then I would buy this. I like the idea of an all electric vehicle to get me back and forth to work, but I am not willing to pay 25k+ for an economy class car, like most of the EV’s out there now.


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