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China Continues to Pursue Its Nuclear Dream


When China announced recently that it plans to change its 2020 target for nuclear power the world dared to hope. But don’t hold your breath: it hasn’t announced how much they will change and whether i’s for the long run!

The news of the cutting down has been spread by an official from the National Development and Reform Commission. But China is not increasing the solar energy input due to some environmental concern that it might have in mind. No! What it means is that China is slowing down its rhythm to take some safety measures, in awe at what its neighbor Japan is going through these days.

China is not planning on a halt too soon, now that it is the first energy consumer in the world: “China is seriously considering increasing its five year target for the PV industry capacity from 5 gigawatts to 10 gigawatts” according to Shi Lishan, deputy director of the renewable energy department of the National Energy Administration.

Cao Peixi, chairman of Huaneng Power International Inc, said the same thing down straight: “China’s biggest electricity producer won’t alter its nuclear plans because of Japan.” That pretty much sums it all –

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