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New Supermarket Scanner Scans Objects Instead of Barcodes, Saves Paper, Time and Energy


Now here’s something that some may consider has nothing to do with the green purpose of our website, but I think it actually has a lot. It’s Toshiba’s new scanner that recognizes objects (fruits and vegetables, in this example) and instead of using paper-wasting barcodes, knows which is which and puts them on your supermarket bill.

For the moment, Toshiba is only testing the paper and time-saving device, since it needs a whole year to learn every fruit and vegetable as it grows. The representative in the following video says that it can also recognize barcodes and various texts not by laser-reading, but by a technique currently used in mobile phones to recognize objects and patterns, using a camera.

This is the first most promising and game-changing device that the pattern recognition technology can achieve. However, as sorry as I am for some people’s businesses, I’m not sorry for those uncut trees used to print the labels and for that extracted oil not extracted to be used to make the plastic lining and the glue that will eventually get dumped in a landfill.

Good work, Toshiba!

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