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Panasonic and Toshiba Enter The Game of LED Lighting With Straight Tube Lamps


While Compact Fluorescent Bulbs have barely been seen in various parts of the world and incandescent lighting still rules in others, two Japanese companies already want to change them for LEDs – straight tube LED lamps, which, they say, are much more economical.

Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corp and Panasonic Corp have announced their will to sell straight LED lamps with brightnesses equivalent to 20 and 40-watt CFCs, until the end of the year.

Straight LED tube lamps are not something new on the Japanese market. Smaller competitors in Japan and Korea had already launched similar products, but if Panasonic and Toshiba will have their say, only then will they exit the local market and enter the big game.

Although there have been minor and less important or quality-related issues reported with straight LED lamps (such as they’re too heavy and not always compatible with existing sockets, or too heavy), the real problem is that we’re still accustomed to a certain type of white light.

Some of us prefer some color temperatures, others prefer differently. Going even further, there have been some saying the LEDs used in those lamps are not as efficient as CFCs.

Still, if Toshiba and Panasonic put their hands on such game-changing projects, I guess nothing that bad will get out of their hands, and we’ll enjoy the same quality of light we did for decades with our pleasantly-looking incandescent lighting.

[via techon]

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