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The New Mazda2 To Become World's Most Fuel Efficient Car


According to Mazda Motor Corp, the new Mazda2 subcompact will have a fuel economy of 30 km/litre (70 mpg) and as the company said, it will become the world’s most fuel-efficient vehicle.

Mazda2 is scheduled to be launched in Japan in the first half of 2011, being the first car fitted with SKYACTIV, a technology produced only by Mazda based on next-generation gasoline and diesel engines.

The company plans to introduce the SKYACTIV technology on all of its cars by the end of 2016 and is aiming to improve fuel economy on its cars by 30 percent by 2015. Meanwhile, another Japanese car manufacturer, Daihatsu Motor Co., also wants to make a gasoline car that achieves fuel economy of 30 km/litre, being equivalent to what the Honda Fit hybrid gets.

“I promise that we will offer the Demio at a lower price than a hybrid of the same segment,” Chief Executive Officer Takashi Yamanouchi told a news conference, declining to elaborate on the subject.

Currently, Mazda has no hybrid system of its own and is considered one of the most advanced automakers in weight reduction technology and internal combustion engines.

[via: Reuters]

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  1. It sounds great for mazda owners like me, but even though
    I’d prefer an electric engine solution.
    I’ll glade the update if mazda is thinking to have an electric
    solution in the inmedite future


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