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Rumour Saying Toyota Collaborates With Daimler for Exporting Hybrid Tech to Mercedes


Daimler, the corporation behind Mercedes, is seemingly in talks with Japanese automaker Toyota for using their hybrid system in the A-class they will release from 2013 onwards.

The German automaker had also signed contracts with Renault-Nissan and BMW, joining efforts to bring hybrid cars to their maximum efficiency. The collaboration would also cover fuel cell vehicles and other next-generation concepts.

The news has been presented by the Japanese newspaper Nikkan Jidosha on last Thursday, and lacks any comment from Daimler’s part, whose spokeswoman said that the general discussions in the industry were “quite normal.”

Daimler’s collaboration with BMW has resulted in the latest Mercedes S-class to have some form of a hybrid system, though not as effective as Toyota’s. On the other hand, the Japanese manufacturer is said to supply core hybrid parts to Mazda, which has also signed an agreement with Ford for their proprietary hybrid drivetrain.

Toyota’s Prius is the flagship of the green vehicle trend, having the longest lifespan of 13 years and millions of units built and delivered around the world. It’s no wonder that Daimler wants a piece of Japanese knowledge… still, the technology seems to get shared between the auto giants and this can only mean one thing: better, more fuel efficient cars for the future.

[via reuters/gas2]

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