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Toyota to Unveil Future Hydrogen & Electric Prototypes at Upcoming Tokyo Motor Show


The 2011 edition of the Tokyo Motor Show that will start on November 30 will certainly have a plenty of exciting new concepts, but Toyota wants to impress once again with its latest eco-friendly concepts.

So, the Japanese car maker will unveil the FCV-R model, a next generation hydrogen fuel cell concept vehicle, scheduled to be released on the market by the end of 2015.

The car can accommodate up to four, offering plenty of luggage space. It is so roomy because the fuel cell unit is located beneath the body. The 70MPa high pressure hydrogen tank will give it a cruising distance of 435miles.

This is not the only concept that will be presented by Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show. The company will also introduce four other concepts:

Toyota FT-EV II: Expected to be launched during 2012, the electric car concept has a lithium-ion battery that allows it to achieve a range of about 65miles on a single charge, perfectly suited for city environments.

Toyota Aqua: This affordable hybrid car will have a fuel consumption of 82mpg. It is expected to offer outstanding handling and enhanced aerodynamic performance due to its body that is less than four meters long. It has a 1.5litre engine with a high output motor and will be launched this in Japan December.

Toyota Fun-Vii: This prototype has been developed in collaboration with Fuji Heavy Industries. The company claims this concept will link together cars, people and the society.

[via TheGreenCarWebsite]

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